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...where the lions sleep tonight...

Balinese, Siamese & Seychellois SH Cattery


"My cattery, Massa-Marra, comes from Africa. I am a hobby breeder.
I started breeding in 1999, and “breeder” is too big of a name for me
as I’ve had only few litters since then.
The most beautiful cats in the world belong to me since I’m a selfish bastard.
My whole life “has gone to the dogs”, oh no I mean gone to the cats.
No other breeder likes me for that, but I don’t care."

Sascha Imhof

“Hi I’m Sascha’s friend Alysa. He drives me crazy with all his darned cats,
no matter how cute they really are.
I’m allergic to them, but there’s no way that he will get rid of them.
He’s almost better to those darn cats than he is to people.”


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